Sundowner Lecture Series

Timely insights and practical solutions

This program of twice monthly lectures is designed to encourage ongoing learning for modellers and analysts, especially those who are alumni of our courses.  Attendance at this series of lectures is included in the Amesthyst, Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby levels of the The Learning HabITT subscription program.  Attendance is only available to subscribers.

The lectures are typically timed to occur in the late afternoon or early evening in Eastern Australia on Mondays through Thursdays, twice a month (occasionally a bonus lecture is offered).

The Sundowner Lecture Series is the framework on which The Learning HabITT subscription series is built.  It is designed to provide regular, sustainable, ongoing instructor-led learning, aided by other materials available to subscribers online.

There are two streams of lectures, and one lecture is offered in each stream monthly from February to November each year, providing 20 lectures of two hours duration on each topic.  Due to the frequent changes in the product, lecture topics are set and advertised at least three months before they are delivered, however later lectures have their subjects left open to give us the flexibility to react to key changes in the target products (Excel and Power BI).

Each lecture focuses on a specific aspect of modelling and analysis, including the impacts of changes in modern Excel on those subject areas.  The lectures however, are designed to be solid, practical and provide usable samples.  They are backed-up by detailed instructions and sample files that you can review and reuse in your own work, and each session is recorded to aid in revision, or to support those who are absent during any of the lectures.  They are not just a breezy retelling of recent updates!

Modes of Study

  • There are a minimum of twenty 2-hour sessions offered each year.  From time-to-time, a bonus lecture may be added to the calendar, in addition to the standard schedule.
  • Each lecture is run as a webinar with a prepared demonstration and lecture on a particular subject area.  The lecture is run at the pace that allows the subject to be covered in around 60-75 minutes.  It is not a tutorial run at the pace of the slowest participant.
  • Each lecture is followed by a Q&A session, for up to 60 minutes, with priority given to questions on the subject matter, but time permitting, on broader related questions.
  • In advance of the lecture, all files will be available to subscribers so that they can download them and if comfortable with the pace, follow-along with the lecture.
  • Each lecture is accompanied by an online book (typically eight to twelve A4 pages similar to our standard courseware), and in the case of theory topics, may be accompanied by PowerPoint slides.  The printed materials set out all the steps and instructions for the attendee to execute the demonstrated content at their own pace after the session concludes.
  • Each webinar is recorded and the recordings are available to subscribers to review if they cannot attend, or when working through the provided materials.

Key Outcomes

  • Each lecture in the technical stream is designed to provide practical, re-usable content that will benefit the attendees in building their own models and analyses.  In many cases it will not be necessary to rebuild the content, but simply copy and paste from the samples to immediately implement the demonstrated solution.
  • Each lecture in the theory stream is designed to provide critical information to enable the participant to understand the evolving product, provide guidance on tools and add-ons and the design approaches now available in Excel and Power BI for solving real-world problems.
  • The series is designed to provide a framework for ongoing study together with other self-study materials available to alumni and to subscribers.
  • It is designed to encourage exploration of new techniques and to show how new functionality in modern Excel can be harnessed in a practical way to enhance existing skills.  It is designed to give practical guidance on solving common problems.
  • A minimum of 2 hours of CPD eligible training per session, providing a minimum of 40 hours over a year.  A claim for extra time reviewing and analysing the content could also be sustained.

Who Benefits

  • Alumni of our various courses, looking to keep active in ongoing learning.
  • Financial modellers and those building valuation and forecasting models.
  • Business Analysts responsible for forecasting and performance analysis.
  • Consultants preparing valuations, cash flow forecasts and process and business improvement models for clients.
  • Accountants, finance managers and financial controllers budgeting and analysing business performance.
  • Fund accountants and managers in equity and property funds.
  • Procurement, project planning and logistical staff responsible for financial and logistical planning.
  • Managers responsible for their own analysis and forecasting.
  • Anyone who uses Excel to perform their role, looking to improve their productivity and accuracy.

Benefits for the Employer

  • Provides a framework to encourage broadening and deepening of existing skill sets.
  • The very flexibility that is the principal attraction of modern spreadsheet products is the reason for shortcomings in model design. A user must adopt & develop a strongly defined technique that enhances their efficiency, increases transparency & improves reliability. This lecture series is not “just another Excel course”, it delivers on these requirements.

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