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Supporting ongoing structured learning and development with timely insights and practical solutions

To keep the edge in a competitive market place, a professional modeller or analyst needs to keep abreast of changes in core products and evolving technologies.  Gone are the days when Office was updated every three years. Ongoing, continuous changes are occurring now on a monthly basis, with new functions, tools and technologies being deployed at an overwhelming rate.

The Learning HabITT  is a subscription program designed to encourage and support ongoing structured learning in the the use of Microsoft Excel, Power BI and related tools for financial modelling and for financial analysis and building dashboards.

The subscriptions include: facilitated online training to ensure a regular commitment to guided learning; access to online self-study modules; important reference and explanatory materials to support understanding; samples of methodologies for solving financial forecasting, modelling and analysis problems; member support forum access for all levels of subscription; and discounts on facilitated training courses.

Benefit Available Public Alumnus Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Ruby
Public Content of Clarkson ITT Wiki, incl Ready Reference 3.x 
Member Area of Clarkson ITT Wiki, incl Ready Reference 4.x 
Member-only Free Mini Online Courses 
Monthly Member Support Meetup 
Sundowner Lecture Series - 10 Technical Sessions 
Sundowner Lecture Series - 10 Theory/Concept Sessions 
Free Access To Charged Mini Online Courses 
Bonus Offerings  1 2 5
Discounts on Clarkson ITT Training  10% 10% 15% 20% 25%
Discount on subscription renewal  10% 10% 10% 10%
Membership places available no limit no limit no limit 50
Estimated Value Included Alumnus Amethyst Sapphire Emerald Ruby
Self-study hours available during 2024, at no extra cost  20hrs 20hrs 20hrs 40hrs 40hrs
Facilitated hours available during 2024, at no extra cost  n/a 40hrs 40hrs 40hrs 40hrs
Estimate of minimum included value (excluding GST)  $400 $1,400 $1,750 $2,500 $3,550
Standard Initial Subscription Prices
Subject to renewal discounts thereafter
Prices shown are ex GST, click the icon for inc GST prices
Standard Initial Subscription Fee (ex GST) $400  $600  $800  $1,500 

Why We Developed

  • Students have asked "where do I go from here?"  This program is aimed to assist them in continuing their learning and development.
  • Microsoft is now rolling out significant changes in the product on an almost monthly basis.  Whilst this makes the changes less overwhelming to assimilate, some of the changes are significant.  And there are less obvious benefits or traps to some of the new technology, which we aim to help with.
  • The product updates leave many users unsure whether they should change their approach.  If they should, how it should be woven into their methodology, seeking always to keep their work product transparent, robust and effective.  We aim to offer necessary guidance.
  • There are lots of on-demand training sources, but we feel that a less structured approach to learning is less likely to be beneficial, and lacks a framework and consistent "voice".

Benefits of a Subscription

  • A subscription satisfies the need for ongoing training and development with a mix of facilitated and self-study and research options.  Certificates are provided to assist in claiming CPD hours.
  • A subscription will help you not only keep abreast of changes in Excel and Power BI, but also provide guidance on where your efforts to assimilate the changes should be focused, and provide the benefit of experienced guidance and practical examples you can quickly deploy.
  • Since the program hinges on a series of ongoing lectures and tutorials, the interaction with the facilitator makes it easier to plan and manage your studies and we believe makes it significantly more likely the training program will be adhered to and the benefits derived.
  • All lectures and tutorials are accompanied by step-by-step instructions, sample files, and pre-worked solutions.  Lectures are recorded so that you can review them or watch them if you miss a lecture.

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