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The Sundowner Lecture Series is in full swing, offering dynamic training and inspiration on the latest in Modern Excel and Power BI. Subscribers now have access to updated content on the site, while new self-study mini courses are set to roll out soon. New subscribers have access to the recorded lectures and materials, and can gain certificates of completion through self-study courses.  More than 80 hours of Continuing Professional Education available, and the content is growing monthly!  Subscribe now!

Our Courses

Financial Analysis Certificate logoFinancial Analysis Certificate
Using Excel

thorough professional training in the use of Excel for financial modelling, with sensitivity and scenario analysis and financial analysis using Excel tools and advanced functions.

Power BI Certificate logoPower BI Certificate Using Excel, BI Desktop and BI Web
thorough professional training in the use of Power BI in both Excel and the Power BI apps on the desktop and the web for FP&A.  Covers Power Query, PowerPivot, Mapping, DAX and M.

Financial Analysis VBA Certificate logoFinancial Analysis VBA Certificate Using Excel and VBA
introduces programming Excel and Office using VBA with practical projects that can be re-used to get the user started.

Key Topic Lecture Series logoKey Topic Lecture Series
short modules providing professional training addressing key topics in financial modelling and analysis which can be taken alone, or assembled into a program


We're thrilled to announce the return of our in-person private courses! After navigating through the challenges of the COVID lockdowns, we're eager to reconnect with our students face-to-face. The buzz is also growing for our potential public face-to-face courses slated for the second semester of 2024.

While our online courses have become a hit during the lockdowns, and continue to offer flexibility and accessibility to learners worldwide, we understand the unique vibrancy and dynamic energy of the classroom setting which some learners crave. There's something about being physically present that ignites a different kind of inspiration and learning experience.

If you've been seeking that classroom interaction and hands-on learning, now's the time to let us know! We're gearing up to fine-tune our plans over the next few months, ensuring an exceptional and enriching experience for all. Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive back into the joy of in-person learning!  Use the enquiry link at the right to let us know you want in...

Exciting updates are underway on our website! We're thrilled to announce that our Financial Analysis Certificate 4.0 online materials are undergoing a significant overhaul, set to be completed by the end of April. As part of this update, we're integrating video lessons into each module, revolutionizing the learning experience and bringing our content to life like never before.

For past students who may not have access to these enhanced materials, fear not! An upgrade option is available to ensure you're equipped with the latest resources. Simply log in to your account and purchase the upgrade here or subscribe to The Learning HabITT at Sapphire level or above to use the bonus option to access the upgrade.

We are delighted to announce that due to popular demand, we'll be offering bound copies of the latest Financial Analysis Certificate 4.0 materials! After completing the current revisions, including updates to exercises utilizing dynamic array formulas and modernizing various tasks, we'll be ready to embark on a print run in May.

For those eager to get their hands on a physical copy, simply log in purchase here for Australian delivery or purchase here for international delivery.

2024 course schedule has been updated.  There are some Key Topic Lectures to be added in semester two, but the offerings for the main online courses are all now finalised.

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