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Most of our Excel courses are available for those who wish to commission private in-house courses to be held on their premises or at a hired venue. We are happy to provide this Excel training in any location, both in Australia and internationally. There are a number of motivations which lead clients to book in-house training.

Common Reasons for In-House Bookings

  • inclusion in intern & graduate induction programs;
  • convenience of internal program;
  • requirement for customisation to include client materials or focus on key areas of client interest;
  • option to schedule training to suit their employees' and the organisation's calendars;
  • ability to discuss confidential issues within an in-house forum;
  • workgroup and team development; and
  • availability in client location rather than at public venues.

Courses Available In-House

  • Financial Analysis Certificate;
  • Financial Analysis VBA Certificate;
  • Financial Analysis Certificate Extension Program modules;
  • Financial Analysis VBA Certificate Extension Program modules; and
  • Key Topic Lecture Series, including the Charting Master Class.

Cost, Venue, Terms & Conditions

Standard course fees cover the facilitators, the facilitators' laptops and student materials. Venue, students' equipment and any meals are the responsibility of the client. We can assist with external venue hire if required.

Course fees will be quoted upon enquiry and will include course brochures, brochures including important information on planning an in-house course and full terms and conditions.

The requirements for training venues, equipment, hardware and software can be found in the following documents:

In-House Course Venue Requirements in PDF format (53kb).

In-House Course Arrangements in PDF format (80kb).

Time Commitment

The Financial Analysis Certificate and the Financial Analysis VBA Certificate are both 48-hour courses. They are usually presented over six days in three sessions of two days spread out over one to two months. They can be contracted to fit five days in three sessions, two of two days and one of one day, spread over a month.

The Charting Master Class is an eight-hour Excel course which is presented on a single day. The Key Topic Lecture Series can be arranged over periods from ½-day to four days spread out in a pattern to suit the client's training needs.

Subject to availability, the courses can be booked for any eight-hour period between 8.00am and 9.00pm on weekdays and 9.00am and 5.00pm on weekends.

Ongoing Support

We do not have a specific allocation on ongoing support. However, any politely phrased request from a past student which is based on materials taught or related material will receive a response, although this may be delayed a day or two, depending upon our training commitments at the time the request is made. This can be done through the Learning Portal that is accessible to current students and alumni of our courses.

This can be very important in assisting the student to bed down their newly-won knowledge. We generally limit the advice and assistance however, to the subject areas covered in the course in which they were enrolled. For instance, we do not offer macro or VBA support for modelling students and vice versa.

Also, we are happy for past students to audit any lessons in future classes held on the clients premises free of charge. If a future in-house course is not available, then if possible, we will accommodate them at a public course, although there may be a small charge for room hire and catering, but no further charge for the enrolled course itself.

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