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Ready Reference iconThis section of the Clarkson ITT Wiki includes the content of the Ready References 3 and 4.

✖  Windows Keyboard Shortcuts (Member login required)

✓  Windows Keyboard Shortcuts (Ready Reference 3)

✖  Value Types In Excel (Member login required)

✖  Value Type Coercion Rules (Member login required)

✖  Excel Error Values (Member login required)

✖  Excel Operators and Precedence (Member login required)

✓  Excel Operators and Precedence (Ready Reference 3)

✖  Custom Number Formatting - Codes and Structure (Member login required)

✖  Custom Number Formats - Sample Library (Member login required)

✓  Custom Number Formats (Ready Reference 3)

✓  Volatile Functions and Expressions

✓  Functions Whose Arguments Accept References Spanning Worksheets

✓  VBA Operators and Precedence


✓  Articles accessible to you with your current membership status.

✖  Articles accessible only to logged-in members. Members are defined as alumni or current subecribers to The Learning HabITT.  If you are a member, login to make the articles accessible.


Ready Reference Publishing History
Version Published As
1 Appendices to printed course texts
2 A handy DL-sized booklet, issued with printed materials, designed to be readily portable
3 First online version translated from version 2 - Freely available to visitors
4 Updated and fully-rewritten version published online for the benefit of alumni and subscribers to The Learning HabITT subscription program.

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