Consulting Services

Clarkson ITT provides a range of consulting services that assist our clients with the development or overhaul of forecasting and valuation models; financial management and reporting systems; integration with external data sources; and development of desktop applications ir add-ins to extend Excel and other Office applications..

Modelling services include:

  • Valuation and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) models
  • Project and Public Private Partnership (PPP) models
  • Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) models
  • Business Forecasting, Budgeting, Initiative and Project models
  • Logistical and Production Planning models

Attributes and features of the models that we develop:

  • multiple scenarios per model, from a small range of drivers to large tables of multi-year, sub-project drivers
  • scenario-sensitive capital expenditures to allow different capex programs to be modelled
  • VBA-free scenario analysis, most models can run all scenarios simultaneously for case comparison
  • debt modelling with interest being calculated without recourse to circular references;
    integrated three-way profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow
  • summary reports, dashboards and waterfall charts for comparison of scenario outcomes to aid in decision making
  • customised styling to match corporate livery and style guide
  • full documentation, including structure, rules and step-by-step instructions for routine tasks and procedures
  • where appropriate, established enterprise layout and approaches will be used to make the model as comfortable to use and maintain for staff
  • designed to be end-user maintainable, with tables to allow easy ongoing configuration by users.
    built using our FROSTED Checklist
  • complies with FAST Standard standards. Where variations to the standards arise, they will be disclosed in the documentation


Analytical report and dashboard services include:

  • Dashboards built with Power BI Desktop and Excel-based reporting
  • Reporting tools using Power BI Desktop and Excel-based tools
  • Cleansing and structuring of Excel and external data stores to aid reporting
  • IRESS and Bloomberg data integration
  • professionally written VBA and add-in automation of data collection and reporting tasks where appropriate

Attributes and features of our BI tools and dashboards:

  • built in Excel or Power BI desktop, as appropriate to the project
  • integration to ERP data and other internal management and reporting data sources
  • integration with internal data warehouses
  • integration of external data sources, including, but not limited to IRESS, Bloomberg, ABS data sets, RBA data sets and ASX data sets
  • efficient use of Power Query, Power Pivot and DAX to provide robust reports, designed to be end-user maintainable where appropriate
  • user-selection and drill-down implemented in native and Power BI reports
  • customised styling to match corporate livery and style guide
  • provision of ribbon-based automation through VBA and add-ins where required
  • full documentation including structure, explanation of query steps, KPI and date table calculations to enable end-user maintenance
  • step-by-step instructions for using and maintaining the systems that are delivered


Financial planning and analysis tools include:

  • periodic management, board and investor reporting packages: weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-year and annual
  • fund valuation and performance reporting packages, including integration to IRESS and Bloomberg
  • native Excel reporting using efficient and compact calculations and aggregation formulas, including charting results
  • Power BI Reporting and Dashboards as set out in the Power BI and Dashboards tab of this page
  • budgeting and rolling forecasting packages and tools
  • integration to Word, PowerPoint and Outlook and automation of document foundry and distribution to management, employees and investors
  • scheduling and calendaring tools for management and financial reporting activities
  • payroll and staff planning tools, including award condition audit

Attributes and features of our Financial Planning and Analysis tools:

  • effective selection of the most efficient and appropriate tools for task
  • formula and tool selection designed for compactness, speed and efficiency without loosing transparency of calculation
  • integrated to rely on existing data stores, rather than building stand-alone data sets
  • end-user friendly, and designed for efficient use, with regard to data flows, timing and deadlines for reporting
  • end-user maintainable tables to simplify maintenance as data sets evolve
  • automated where appropriate with professionally written code integrated into the Office ribbons
  • full documentation including step-by-step procedures to operate and maintain the packages
  • built using our FROSTED Checklist


Application and Add-In development services include:

  • development of standardised Excel, Word and PowerPoint templates implementing corporate branding and preferred styles for reporting, modelling and analytical projects
  • Excel-based applications and add-ins providing automated workflows and reporting, including distribution via Outlook or Gmail
  • Excel-based applications and add-ins integrating with Word and PowerPoint for document foundry
  • Excel-based applications and add-ins integrating external data sources such as IRESS, Bloomberg, ABS and RBA data
  • COM (Component Object Model) add-ins for use in all Office desktop applications
  • Word-based applications and add-ins to automate distribution of information to staff, clients and investors

Attributes and features of our applications and add-ins:

  • professionally written code
  • fully documented with end-user instructions and step-by-step guides for command usage
  • setup and installation routines where required for wide deployment.
  • integration with Office ribbon, including use of fully licenced professional icons
  • all components either developed in-house or fully licenced from third parties
  • in-house developed standardised code that has evolved and been real-world tested over more than twenty-five years of development

Development Technologies Utilised:

  • Office 365 desktop and web
  • Power BI desktop and web
  • Power BI add-ins for Excel
  • Visual Basic for Applications in all Office desktop apps
  • Visual Studio (VB mainly) and Visual Studio.Net (VB.NET principally, but other languages as required)
  • SQL and related workbenches


How we quote and engage:

  • no obligation, no charge quotation
  • for a clearly defined and clearly specified project, fixed price quotation can be provided
  • less well-defined specifications will be quoted with an expected cost and a range for contingency. 80% of projects come in on or near expected cost. Contingency is only charged with prior consent
  • online project management tools used to track project and cost
  • documentation is provided and a formal User Acceptance Testing phase is usually included
  • there is no charge and no time limit on make good and bug fixes as these are covered by the quoted charge
  • future enhancements are based on the original quoted hourly rates with CPI indexation. Subject to quotation, but with no unexpected price hikes


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